The Flavorwire Guide to Pop Cultural Costumes for Halloween 2016

Yep, it's gonna be hard to find a red cable-knit sweater over the next 10 days.

Halloween! It’s that most wonderful time of year, when there is absolutely no pressure at all on you to think of a costume that is funny, inexpensive and demonstrates how clued-in you are to pop culture. Happily, we’re here to help — in what’s become a yearly tradition, here are 10 costumes for 2016 that reflect the year’s pop cultural landscape and also won’t break the bank. Hurrah!


Chuck Tingle

Flavorwire hero and general shining light of beauty in a morass of awfulness Chuck Tingle has been in fine form all year — remember his masterful trolling of the alt-right types who got him nominated for a Hugo Award, and his collaboration with Zoë Quinn? — and he deserves to be immortalized in a Halloween costume. Find the biggest, gayest party possible, and dress as follows…

Taekwondo robe thingy: $22.99,
Rainbow triceratops: $2.40,
Small sign that reads “LOVE IS REAL”: model’s own