Six of Classic Literature’s Uncanniest Moments

Happy Halloween! Classic literature is full of the shivers… it plays on our senses by combining the familiar and unfamiliar in uncanny moments that, in many instances, originated horror genre cliches. From Macbeth thinking the table is full because Banquo’s ghost is occupying his seat, or Denver looking into her reincarnated ghost sister Beloved’s eye and finding no expression, here are six of the creepiest, most chilling moments ever.


Beloved, Toni Morrison. A young woman named “Beloved” shows up on Sethe and her daughter Denver’s doorstep.

Denver felt her heart race. It wasn’t that she was looking at that face for the first time with no trace of sleep in it, or that the eyes were big and black. Nor was it that the whites of them were much too white — blue-white. It was that deep down in those big black eyes there was no expression at all.