Whimsical Images of A Love Story Between a Squirrel and Horse

9780399575495Horace and Agnes: A Love Story is one of the stranger, more wonderful books to arrive on shelves this month. A collaboration between Writer Lynn Dowling and photographer/artist Asia Kepka, the project began when the two, who are a couple, donned masks brought over by a friend. Caught up in the imaginary possibilities of the project, they began to write a love story for their anthropomorphized animal characters, and take photos of them going about their lives.

Soon, the menagerie, and the community surrounding Horace and Agnes, grew. In the photo series, the models wearing the masks are anonymous, and the stories are inspired by the creators’ friends, families, and pasts, with remarkable attention to detail.

Welcome to the world of Horace and Agnes. Flavorwire is thrilled to share images and text from the upcoming book telling their story; all text is by Dowling and photos by Kepka.

From HORACE AND AGNES: A Love Story by Lynn Dowling and Asia Kepka, published by Blue Rider Press, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Copyright © 2016 by Lynn Dowling and Asia Kepka.



Twenty years ago, Horace Groomsby met Agnes on a train. It was overcrowded and stiflingly hot. Horace politely asked if he could possibly take the last remaining seat next to Agnes. She moved her pocketbook onto her lap and smiled. He gently slid into his seat and smiled back. She was shy at first, but Horace enthusiastically engaged her in conversation. They talked for more than two hours. So engrossed with each other, they both missed their stops.