10 Independent Media Publications to Support in a Trump World (and for the Holidays)

"We read to know we are not alone."

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, subscriptions to mainstream newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post, as well as left wing publications like Mother Jones and The Nation, have surged.

This is a good development: all different kinds of media needs our dollars and our eyeballs. These calls to subscribe been some pushback because segments of political coverage at more mainstream publications has been deeply flawed.

Yet no media entity is perfect, and we need to continue to have a robust ecosystem in the shrinking media: big publications with the resources to do real investigations, yes, and also independent media that’s not beholden to corporate structures, and individual bloggers and writers who have the freedom to move nimbly. We also need local outlets which can trace corruption down to its effects on neighborhoods, and small magazines that hone new voices.

With all that in mind, here’s a selection of publications to honor with your donations and subscriptions both for the holidays — a magazine is a nice gift! — and for the beginning of the resistance. Beyond this introductory list, consider subscribing to your local newspaper (or any local newspaper), or the literary or political journal of a nearby campus. From young journalists figuring out how to investigate power, to dissident poetry, your support will give someone’s metaphorical pen a little more freedom to fly across the page.


The Boston Review

A literary magazine that publishes gorgeous fiction and poetry and big, thoughtful pieces on politics and social issues from a progressive lens. — SS

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