The Year in Books: 15 Nonfiction Books from 2016 to Bolster the Resistance

Some of the best nonfiction of 2016, to help us navigate what's to come.

Election 2016 and its aftermath brought unprecedented attacks on women, LGBT people, muslims, Latinos, immigrants, Black people, Jews, journalists, union leaders, and dissidents of all stripes — all from Donald Trump and his supporters. Now that the Trump regime is preparing to take power, it’s a good time to take strength from  books.

We’ve chosen a group notable nonfiction books, all published this year — from memoirs to history to reportage and essays — that can help bolster our understanding of the world we’ve found ourselves in, support and educate ourselves about the groups under threat by Trumpism, and strengthen the power of our resistance.


The Doulas, Radical Care for Pregnant People, Mary Mahoney and Lauren Mitchell

The Art of Waiting: On Fertility, Medicine and Motherhood, Belle Boggs

From different ends of the spectrum, these two books expand our understanding of the relationship between reproduction and the medical establishment — whether it’s IVF and unconventional family creations, or the efforts to care for individuals undergoing childbirth, arming them with support, knowledge and agency.