‘Preschool Pocket Treasures’ Photo Series Captures the Innocent Wonders of Childhood

Oakland-based artist Melissa Kaseman’s Preschool Pocket Treasures series, which we first discovered on Fubiz, documents the tiny objects and ephemera found in her son Calder’s pockets each day after preschool. Set against a plain, white background, the curious found objects take on a life of their own. “I’ve always been interested in photography capacity to suspend and document moments of transition and change,” Kaseman shared with Flavorwire in email. “The magic of childhood is so fleeting, and these objects I kept finding in Calder’s pockets represent a chapter of boyhood, his imagination, and the magic of finding a ‘treasure.’ I like the idea of the photographs being a taxonomy report of a child’s imagination, specifically Calder’s during his chapter of his life. The project was born out of a desire to capture these magical moments of his boyhood, and his development. I have an affinity for color and design in my own work, and loved how each day his items had a color theme to them. (I wonder how much of that is nature vs. nurture.)” Appreciate the innocent wonders of childhood further in our gallery.