Surreal Photos That Blend Images of Paris and New York City

The “city that never sleeps” and the “city of light” become one in a photo series by artists collaborating across the world. Carla de la Matta from New York City and Loïc Remy from Paris combine different images of their cities to reveal just how similar and uniquely different each metropolis is. Phantasma, which we originally spotted on Fubiz, is an impressionistic and surreal view of the architecture and design of two of the world’s most populated cities. “This series meets through the Atlantic Ocean, where Paris has always existed in her mind as New York has existed in his,” De La Matta shared with Flavorwire via email in a statement about the project. “A vision very close to a fantasy or a ‘fantasma,’ which in Spanish means ‘Ghost.'” See more of Phantasma in our gallery.