Gallery 98 Surveys the Top Art Events from the Downtown NY Scene, 1974-1992

Gallery 98 is the brainchild of writer, curator, and educator Marc H. Miller. The online gallery is a chronicle of Downtown New York’s influential art and music scene from the 1970s and ‘80s. Miller, along with Ephemera Press’ Jonah Wolf, have curated a selection of posters and announcements from the time period — their own personal survey of the decade. “The Downtown Era began in the 1970s, when aspiring artists of the baby-boomer generation arrived in New York,” the duo writes in the online exhibition essay. “Over the next two decades, they would radically change the art world, opening it up to new forms of media, new modes of exhibiting art, and new social perspectives.” Works include an invite to a show for German artist Joseph Beuys, “whose 1974 visit to New York introduced the idea of ‘social sculpture’ that could affect political change,” an invite to the first posthumous exhibition of Andy Warhol’s work, and an announcement for feminist group the Guerrilla Girls’ exhibition of ten outdoor billboards in four New York boroughs. See more in our gallery.