A Visual Diary of Cinema’s Most Colorful Films

Did you know it's National Color Therapy Month? Neither did we, but it makes for an excellent reason to revisit some of cinema's most spectacular moments.

March is a time for spring, St. Patrick’s Day, and . . . National Color Therapy Month. Here’s what founder Eleyne-Mari has to say about it:

Color therapy is a powerful, complementary therapy that has been used since ancient times, whether it was for physical, emotional or mental healing purposes. It’s been said that Hippocrates understood the power of color—which is a vibration—and used color ointments on his patients. Today, color therapy may be as simple as wearing a particular color because you want to feel better about yourself, like wearing Red to have more energy or more courage or become more grounded.

We’re celebrating National Color Therapy Month with one of the most visual art forms: movies. Take in some stunning stills from these ten gorgeous films that boast eye-popping color, emotional shades that speak to each character’s storyline, and more. Leave us your favorite colorful movie picks on our Facebook page.