Art Installations About Silence and Stillness

The Guggenheim’s latest installation only allows five visitors in at one time. Doug Wheeler’s PSAD Synthetic Desert III will be on view at the museum through August 2. From Co.Design:

When the Guggenheim bought Doug Wheeler’s PSAD Synthetic Desert III as part of a large acquisition of Minimalist and Conceptual art in 1992, the piece had never before been realized. For nearly 50 years, it remained a series of drawings created in the late 1960s—ambitious blueprints that described the famed light and space artist’s first installation that would also incorporate the sense of sound. Now, the immersive installation has finally been brought to life in a physical installation, with the Guggenheim opening PSAD Synthetic Desert III to the public last week.

We look at Wheeler’s work and other artists who use silence or stillness in their installations in our gallery.