Watch ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Take On ‘Stranger Things’

Now, how long till we get the 'Fuller House' riff?

When the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival made its way to Netflix, there were questions galore – most of which were answered by the time it hit the air last Friday. But the best question of all is the one we didn’t think to ask: how long would it take them to start riffing Netflix Originals? Thankfully, we have the answer – not long.

Thus, here are Jonah and the ‘bots taking an altogether-too-brief crack at the streaming service’s runaway hit Stranger Things:

What’s sort of ingenious about this (again, way too short) clip is how Stranger Things’ ‘80s setting fits in so cleanly with typical Mystery Science Theater fare – after all, some of their funniest episodes were borne out of dirtbag ‘80s movies like Being From Another Planet, Master Ninja, The Pumaman, Hobgoblins, and Zombie Nightmare.

Now, how long till we get the Fuller House riff?