10 Things You Need to Throw the Perfect ‘Twin Peaks’ Party

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It is happening again. Twenty-five years later, David Lynch’s groundbreaking series Twin Peaks continues. The limited event series airs Sundays at 9pm ET/PT, starting May 21st, only on SHOWTIME. To celebrate, we’re sharing our favorite moments from Twin Peaks; breaking down the show’s cultural impact, from TV to fan art; and building an IRL Tribute to Twin Peaks in Brooklyn (RSVP now!). Tune in to see how the mystery evolves; stay for the damn good coffee.

Since our offices are clearly teeming with ideas about what a Twin Peaks party should entail, we thought we’d share some thoughts — ranging from very doable ideas, to very ridiculous ones — with you, dear readers, so you can throw your very own Lynchian theme party.

Create a Nook with a Tape Recorder Where People can Leave Messages for Diane

Diane may never have been seen on Twin Peaks, but if she exists at all, she probably knows the inner-workings of Dale Cooper’s brain better than anyone. Why not also let her get to know the minutiae of everyone else’s life at your party? Set up a Diane — aka a tape recorder — at your party and have your guests leave messages for the series’ most complex (unseen and potentially unreal) character. Even if she never gets the messages, you’ll certainly be left with some weird sound bytes to cherish.