Flavorwire’s Reasonable, Low-Expectation Summer Movie Preview

Much of the summer slate is dire indeed - but we've plucked out a few strong possibilities, and a couple of confirmed gems.

It’s the first Friday of May, and you know what that means: there’s a new Marvel movie in theaters. And you know what that means: summer movie season has officially begun. And holy shit, it’s gonna be a rough one – the season’s big-budget, several-thousand-screen releases include another Transformers movie, another Pirates of the Caribbean movie, another Cars movie, another Spider-Man movie, another Amityville movie, whatever the fuck that Tom Cruise Mummy thing is, and the Baywatch movie. It’s tempting to just check out until October – but wait. A few savvy studios and distributors are aware that grown-ups might wanna go enjoy some air conditioning and popcorn this summer, and have counter-programmed accordingly. And on top of that (and I should lower my voice to a whisper here) a couple of those big summer action movies are actually pretty good. So with that in mind, we present a slightly more selective summer movie preview; mark your calendars accordingly.

It Comes at Night (June 9)

Trey Edward Shults’s Krisha was one of the most auspicious feature debuts in recent memory, in which the gifted filmmaker took one of the most worn-out tropes in all of indiedom – the awkward family dinner in which secrets are told and old wounds are reopened – and made it work anew by ratcheting up the visceral discomfort and palpable tension. It was like Pieces of April as directed by Brian De Palma, so the fact that he’s taking on something closer to full-on horror for his follow-up is exciting indeed.