15 Amazing Fictional TV-Shows-Within-a-Show

'Ren and Stimpy?' Nah. Too obvious. Here are some more... interesting choices.

For those of us who watch our fair share of television, it’s a comfort to know our favorite characters have their own small-screen obsessions. In the recent Netflix series Dear White People, for instance, the black students at the fictional Winchester University gather every week to watch the latest installment of Defamation, a high-stakes political drama that looks suspiciously like Scandal. Most if not all TV writers know a little something about writing for subpar, laughable shows, and it’s easy to picture them channeling those experiences into these hilarious, fictional shows-within-a-show.

Los Viajes de Guillermo (Jane the Virgin)

A cross between a Spanish-language Gulliver’s Travels and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Los Viajes de Guillermo — the latest telenovela star vehicle for the camera-hungry Rogelia De La Vega (Jaime Camil) — follows the adventures of a miniature Rogelio (who usually appears on the show’s posters against the backdrop of a giant pair of breasts).