The Stupidest ‘Star Wars’ Hot Takes, Ranked

We combed the Internet for the dopiest contrarian opinions of the franchise, for its 40th birthday.

It’s always funny when there’s a May the 4th or D23 or some other special reason to celebrate and commemorate Star Wars on the Internet, as though the Internet isn’t dedicated to celebrating and commemorating Star Wars every other damn day on the calendar. But today actually is a special day for Star Wars, because it was 40 years ago, on May 25, 1977, that the first Star Wars opened in theaters across the country. We would love to commemorate it with some kind of special Internet #content — were it not for the fact that good God, if there’s a film/series about which every imaginable thing has been said, it’s this one.

But maybe not! Maybe there are some amazing contrarian opinions we can air about this oft-discussed franchise! And then, nope, turns out all of the hot takes about Star Wars have also been written. No, seriously, all of them. Yes, that one too. In fact, there are so many that, why, you could even partake in that most reliable of Internet #content generation exercises: ranking them, from worst to really worst. So here we are.

10. The Force Awakens’ Rey is a “Mary Sue.”

This one was initially offered up by wildly untalented screenwriter / Twitter “personality” / nepotism beneficiary Max Landis, who could barely wait until he was out of the theater before tweeting that the seventh film’s protagonist (played, wonderfully, by Daisy Ridley) was a “Mary Sue,” the dismissive fan-fiction term for a female character who is widely beloved, does everything well, and saves the day. As with most of what Landis says, tweets, or writes, it can be dismissed with a bare minimum of effort: if Rey was a Mary Sue, then so was Luke Skywalker, and so was Harry Potter, and so was Jason Bourne, and so on.