Hilarious Conversations in Black Comedies

New York City’s Film Forum is celebrating a new 35mm print of Quentin Tarantino’s feature film debut, Reservoir Dogs. The screenings run through Thursday, June 1. From film critic Owen Gleiberman:

Some of the most enthralling movies of our time have come down to the spectacle of raging macho blowhards hurling profanities and hell-raising wisecracks at each other… Like Huston and Kubrick, who used their intricate (but botched) heist plots to demonstrate the existential absurdity of a perfect crime, Tarantino has made a nihilist comedy… In the end, these wily thieves may want to trust one another, but trust is the one thing they can’t have. It’s what their delirious macho showmanship — all bluster, all noise — shuts out.

While you revisit some of Tarantino’s funniest moments in Reservoir Dogs at Film Forum, we look at other scenes in black comedies where the nihilism is turned to high, but the laughs abound.