Stunning Portraits of Women with a Modern Folkloric Narrative

Mary Jane Ansell, a UK-based figurative painter and multiple BP National Portrait Award recipient, is a master of classical-style portraiture with a modern perspective. Ansell will be having her first Los Angeles exhibit at Corey Helford Gallery called Of Dreams, Birds and Bones on view from June 10 Through July 8, featuring all-new works. The artist speaks more about her process on her website:

I use an indirect method, building up many layers of increasing detail, firstly with a light charcoal sketch then building up a monochrome grisaille underpainting over which I gradually add colour with both transparent glazes and full bodied colour. It is a time consuming process but I really enjoy the unique qualities it can give – the surface becomes egg shell smooth and offers very delicate tonal variations impossible with other painting methods.

The exhibit highlights Ansell’s small cast of models — primarily women, with a folkloric bent — who are characters in an ongoing narrative. See a preview of the Corey Helford Gallery exhibition, below.