Photos That Capture the Inner World of a Blow-Up Sex Doll

When you search “blow-up doll” on Amazon, “Judy Inflatable Blowup Bachelor Party Gag Joke Blow Up Doll Girl Female” is one of the first results that pops up. Judy is a familiar face. You’ve probably seen her in movies or at bachelor parties — as a joke, of course. But what would it be like if Judy had thoughts, feelings, and a world of her own? Los Angeles-based photographer Robert Lang has imagined Judy’s life with a series of self-portraits featuring the inflatable sex doll in his new book The Emancipation of Judy, published by Blurb.

“I initially worked with a blow up doll when I photographed a look book for a men’s wear designer in London,” Lang shares in a press release. “I revisited the concept with the idea that she was a living being and how interesting it would be to photograph her from her own perspective. The theme of existentialism was pretty evident as the theme of choice and freedom played a large role in the concept of Judy. Feminism plays a large role in the photo series but I felt it patronizing on my own behalf to discuss this as I am a man but was surrounded by strong woman growing up who fought for women’s rights their entirety of their lives. It was really interesting to watch the photos develop and how a slight change in angle could portray emotions of sorrow, joy, desire, love, pride, shame and sympathy.”

See more photos of Judy in our gallery.