The 10 Albums You Need to Hear in July

We're looking forward to releases from Neil Young, Shabazz Palaces, Waxahatchee, and more.

Summer is here! So escape the heat by sitting in a basement with an airconditioner and a good pair of headphones! And listen to this lot!

Toro Y Moi — Boo Boo (July 7)

Chillwave is but a distant memory, having all but disappeared from playlists and record company rosters alike, and as with all fads, the majority of its progenitors have disappeared with it. Inevitably, the ones who’ve remained have proven the most interesting and versatile, and so it goes with Toro Y Moi: Chaz Bundick’s music has become increasingly dancefloor-oriented over the years, and this collection of liquid funk certainly spends some of its time shimmying underneath the disco lights. But there’s also plenty of sitting in the corner ruminating as the party goes on all around; apparently Bundick “used the writing of this album as a form of therapy to deal with a period of personal upheaval,” and while it’s not anything as straightforward as, say, that last Dirty Projectors album, there’s an emotional depth here, and the music is better for it.