25 Andy Warhol Diary Entries That Capture Memorable Moments in Pop Culture

Before your aunt posted what she had for lunch on Facebook or Instagram celebrity was a thing, Andy Warhol was sharing the boring details of his life in his diaries. The pop art icon shared all things banal and his everyday routines in his posthumously published diaries, including the cost of New York City cabs, his sleeping habits, and more. The charm in reading these details comes when Warhol casually mentions now iconic celebrities and pop culture-defining moments alongside his entires on fast food and . . . whatever. Warhol’s diary was over 20,000 pages long and chronicled an 11-year span of his life (1976-1987). The published diaries were condensed, but certainly never lack for excitement. Warhol would have been 89 years old today. We’re celebrating with a few quotes from the diaries that capture the spirit of Warhol’s obsession with celebrity and the mundane.