“Hire More Women”: ‘Girlgaze’s Amanda de Cadenet on Creating Visibility and Space for Women to Tell Their Stories

"You can be 15 and drop wisdom on a 70-year-old."

British media entrepreneur Amanda de Cadenet became a television host at only 15 years old, interviewing celebrities for two of the UK’s most successful shows, including the edgy, late-night program The Word. De Cadenet grew up in the spotlight, frequently photographed for her party-girl image and targeted by the tabloids. Eventually, she found herself behind the camera as a lauded photographer and one of the youngest women to shoot a Vogue magazine cover. She also became a mom.

In recent years, as the presenter of her own TV show The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, she hosted frank interviews with an impressive list of guests like Hillary Clinton and Lady Gaga, offering an exclusively female-focused space for important conversations about women’s issues. De Cadenet also launched the multimedia platform Girlgaze to highlight the works of emerging female-identifying photographers and directors. The book #girlgaze: How Girls See the World, available October 10, collects some of the most powerful images that capture how young women perceive the world. Girlgaze has since expanded to include original content, including a soon-to-be magazine, brand collaborations — like a recent campaign with Shinola, shot and directed by Girlgaze community members — and events like the current exhibition #girlgaze: Uncensored at artist Shepard Fairey’s Los Angeles gallery space Subliminal Projects. The show is open through October 28.

Flavorwire spoke to De Cadenet shortly after the launch of her own book, It’s Messy: On Boys, Boobs and Badass Women, about creating an inclusive environment for women, her holy grail list of interviews, and why Gen Z creators are so essential.