Watch Killer Mike’s One-Verse Cameo on Last Night’s ‘South Park’

"They put me here to die and left me angry and alone/ For the crime of being old they threw me in this nursing home."

Run the Jewels’ Killer Mike is an outspoken critic of mass incarceration, and last night he took his crusade to an unexpected location: an episode of South Park.

This week’s episode, titled “Hummels and Heroin,” addresses both the criminal justice system and the opioid crisis, albeit through the satirical lens of the Colorado town’s Shady Ares Retirement Community. But the nursing home gets the prototypical hard-life-in-lock-up montage, to a hard-hitting hip-hop track called “Locked Up in Here,” and yes, that’s Mike doing the first verse. Watch:

You can view the full episode here.