The Backward-Books-on-Shelves Trend is for Neutral and Minimalist Book Lovers

Are you a backward books kind of book nerd?

Tomato or “tomahto?” Potato or “potahto?” And in the case of books, front to back or back to front? Website Neatorama recently pointed out a trend we’re still torn on. A viral image shows a shelf full of books displayed with the pages facing out toward the room. Neutrals-loving lit nerds are drawn to the calming color scheme, while others find the spines-to-the-back display super silly. We can appreciate both sides of the bookish argument, but for now, we’ll keep our books on the shelf the old-fashioned way, with their titles where we can easily see and find them. (I mean, we can’t even find our MetroCard most of the time). Here are a few beautiful examples of this divisive decorating trend:

Photo 1

Photo 2

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