Matthew Modine’s Intimate Photos from the Set of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Full Metal Jacket’

The actor kept a diary of his two-year journey working with the legendary filmmaker.

On the 30th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, Matthew Modine’s Full Metal Diary, a collection of rarely seen, medium-format photos taken on the set of the 1987 acclaimed war film, will be on display at Axiom Contemporary in Santa Monica, opening Friday, February 23 from 6-9pm. Modine’s work was recently featured at the 23rd annual LA Art Show, which saw a record-breaking attendance with nearly 70,000 viewers.

Kubrick encouraged Modine to keep a diary of his experiences playing US Marine Private Joker. The images offer an intimate behind-the-scenes look at one of cinema’s finest directors — known for his penchant for privacy — and the young actor who worked with the legendary filmmaker over a two-year period. Full Metal Diary is a glimpse of an artist at work and a look at the iconic film through a collaborator’s eyes. Take a closer look in our gallery.

©Matthew Modine / Courtesy of Axiom Contemporary, published with permission