Watch the Trailer for the Charming Indie Rom-Com ‘The Boy Downstairs’

Zosia Mamet stars in (and owns) this Tribeca Film Festival favorite.

Zosia Mamet turned in one of our favorite performances at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in Sophie Brooks’s sweet and charming The Boy Downstairs – a lovely piece of wounded work, as a character positioned a full 180 from her work on Girls. Now, nearly a full year later, that movie is making its way to theaters, and you can finally see what we’re talking about.

She plays a writer who moves back to New York City after fleeing to London for a couple of years, only to find that she shares a building with the boy she left behind (Matthew Shear, so great in Mistress America). And he has a new girlfriend, unsurprisingly, so that’s… awkward. But they’re all adults, and this isn’t that tough, right? RIGHT?

Check out the trailer:

The Boy Downstairs opens in New York on February 16 and in Los Angeles on February 23, with more cities (hopefully) to follow.