Stunning Portraits of ‘The World in Faces’

Alexander Khimushin's photo project, spanning nine years and 84 countries, captures the rich features of indigenous peoples.

We love a landscape portrait or architectural appreciation as much as the next photography aficionado, but when you get down to it, there’s no subject as rich and breathtaking as the human face. Few are proving that principle like Alexander Khimushin, who first came to our attention via Bored Panda; he’s spent the past nine years traveling the world (84 countries in all!) taking up-close portraits of indigenous people.

“There are hundreds of unique ethnic minority groups in the world,” Khimushin writes on his website. “These people are just incredible. However due to globalization, economic hardship, wars, racism and religious discrimination, many of them are living on the edge, losing national identity, language, traditions and in many cases facing total extinction.”

The result of his labor and artistry, “The World in Faces,” has become a website, an Instagram, and will soon make its way into book form. Until then, here are a few of our favorite portraits from the project.

Remote North-East States of India are incredible place for the diversity of people living there. In many areas you'd think that you were not in India at all. Numerous minority groups living there belong to Tibeto-Burmese language group. They also have a very interesting and unique blend of Indian and Oriental cultures. This photo of a Meitei elder I took while attending one of the religious ceremonies. I was travelling across Tripura, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland in 2012, when restrictions for foreigners to visit the area (that had been closed for ages due to political unrest and border disputes) were temporarily lifted. #theworldinfaces #worldinfaces #portrait #people #minority #meitei #manipuri #moirang #indigenous #tribal #tribe #tribegram #india #burma #manipur #northeastindia #northeast #native #elder #diversity #peace #love #tolerance

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