Wonderfully Silly Art From Gallery1988’s Official Monty Python Show

A fabulous (and funny) preview, with plenty of flesh wounds.

We’ve been following Gallery1988, the pop culture-obsessed Los Angeles art gallery, for years (as you’ve probably noticed), and have always dug their enthusiastic-fan approach to movies, television, and cartoons that we all love. Well, now they’re big time: their new show, a tribute to Monty Python, is being presented in collaboration with the British comedy troupe.

“This incredible partnership has produced some beautiful pieces of art that are not to be missed,” promises the gallery. ”And you never know who will be at the opening reception.” That reception is tonight, from 7-9pm at 7308 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles – but if you can’t make it, guess what? We’ve scored some preview images from the big show.

Artist Credit: Adam Augustyn