Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Movies You Need to See in March

'Gemini,' 'The Death of Stalin,' 'Lean on Pete,' and more of this month's best limited releases.

Well folks, spring has sprung, and it’s a slow enough season at the multiplex that you’ll finally get to see some of the movies that worked us up on the festival circuit last year – two from Tribeca (Hondros and Flower), one from SXSW (Gemini), and three from Toronto (Lean on Pete, The Death of Stalin, and Outside In). So, y’know, maybe it’s like a little film festival every time you go to the art house? Maybe not, what do I know, I’m tired. On to the capsules!


DIRECTOR: Greg Campbell
CAST: Documentary

Here’s unflappable for you: in the opening sequence of this biographical documentary, war photographer Chris Hondros takes a phone call while in the middle of a terrifying fire fight, assuring the caller that “things are fine” and just requesting, “Lemme give you a call back in about a half hour?” It gives you an idea of the discipline and calm of the man at this film’s center, who said of war photography, “There’s absolutely no way to do it from a distance. You have to be close.” Hondros looks at what it took to get that close – the drive, the artistry, the balance required to stay sane while seeing so much bloodshed and despair. It’s a scary film and a moving one, particularly at the conclusion, in which Hondros reflects on the moments of humanity and generosity he’s captured – it’s catch-in-the-throat stuff, with, of course, powerful illustrations.