Two Pop Culture-Loving Artists Pay Tribute to the ‘Objects of Their Affection’

Gallery1988's Dave Quiggle and Barry Blankenship pay tribute to 'Twin Peaks,' 'Heathers,' 'It's Always Sunny,' and more.

Los Angeles-based Dave Quiggle and Seattle’s Barry Blankenship have both contributed to several events at the pop culture-obsessed Gallery1988, so when our friends at the gallery asked them to do a collaborative show, the print artists proved a good match. As their shared theme, they asked themselves a question many an artist has pondered: what inspires me to create? And thus, we have “Objects of Their Affection,” which is running through May 12; if you can’t make it out to L.A. in time, we’ve picked a few of our favorite pieces.

Barry Blankenship: “Relics Of Time”