The Best and Worst Movies of the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival

Mini-reviews of 'Stockholm,' 'The Party's Just Beginning,' 'Little Woods,' and more.

The narrative selections at the Tribeca Film Festival (which came to a close yesterday) don’t often match their reliably stellar non-fiction slate. But this year’s festival offered up a handful of genuinely exciting titles from talents old and new – and a couple to perhaps avoid in the months ahead.


Reading about film festivals can be a drag, because often you won’t get to see these movies for months (if at all). So hey, good news – here’s one that’s out, like, next month!

The Seagull
Director Michael Mayer’s take on Chekhov’s classic, gorgeously mounted and luminously photographed, with the help of an enviable cast. Annette Bening is just divine as Irina, the vainglorious actor at the story’s center (there is one cut to her that’s as funny as anything in any recent, conventional comedy), Saorise Ronan is a sweet and charming Nina, Corey Stoll is top-notch as the bemused observer Boris, and Elizabeth Moss is just a bit undone, just enough, as the grim Masha. Because they’re so good, Billy Howle’s Konstantin is a real drag – he just can’t hold his own against these heavyweights – and Mayer’s filmmaking is occasionally just too damn busy. But as a showcase for this otherwise ace cast, it can’t be beat.