Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Movies You Need to See in May

'First Reformed,' 'Tully,' 'The Seagull,' and more of this month's must-see movies.

Summer time has begun! Did you go see the Avengers movie like a good American? No? You’re not even interested in such a thing? What’re you, a commie? Well, comrade, maybe some of these hoity-toity indie movies and documentaries are more to your latte-sipping taste? The rest of us will be over here at the multiplex, changing, “USA! USA! USA!”

I kid the Avengers. But seriously, at least see some of these too.

The Rachel Divide

DIRECTOR: Laura Brownson
CAST: Documentary

“Yeah, it’s been a crappy summer.” So says young Franklin early in Laura Brownson’s documentary, and it’s hard not to feel for him – his mom is Rachel Dolezal, the notorious president of a Washington NAACP chapter who was outed, that summer of 2015, as white. Brownson walks through the complexities of that controversy (and the sticky quandaries it posed, many of which were never really answered), as well as Dolezal’s complicated history and subsequent troubles. But just when it seems to get sympathetic, Brownson will remind us of exactly what choices she made, and brings on the right voices to articulate the implications of those choices. It may seem an unnecessary examination of an overexposed figure, but The Rachel Divide asks tough questions, and does its level best to answer them.