Awesome Art Inspired by Your Favorite TV Shows

In "Idiot Box 2018," Gallery1988's team of inventive illustrators pay tribute to the best of Peak TV.

There’s so, so, so much good TV right now, it’s impossible to watch all of it – so imagine trying to make the time to turn great TV into great art. Luckily, our friends at the pop culture-savvy Gallery1988 in Los Angeles have a whole team of artists on the job, and this year’s edition of their big “Idiot Box” show is chock full of inventive images inspired by the likes of GLOW, Stranger Things, Twin Peaks, High Maintenance, Silicon Valley, and many, many, many more. It closes Saturday, so we’ve selected a few of our very favorite pieces from this standout exhibition.

Xander Lee, “!kcoR s’teL” (image courtesy of Gallery1988)