Killer New Posters for Classic Slasher Movies

Marie Bergeron's show "Chop Chop" at Gallery1988 features brilliant reimaginings of Jason, Freddy, Michael, and more.

We’re eight days into the month of October, and if you’re a certain kind of movie lover, you’re probably taking in a lot of horror. And if you’re a certain kind of horror movie lover, there’s a pretty good chance your October viewing queue includes Halloween, Friday the 13th, Psycho, Nightmare on Elm Street — y’know, the classics.

Well, good news: Marie Bergeron, one of the best of the regular contributors to our favorite pop-culture lovin’ art gallery, Gallery1988, recently opened the exhibit “Chop Chop,” which pays tribute to (among other favorites) the best of those classic knife- and axe-wielders. We picked out a few of our favorites for those of you who aren’t in the L.A. area; if you are, swing by Gallery1988 at Melrose and Poinsettia, or check out (and order) some of Bergeron’s work on their site.

(“Halloween” by Marie Bergeron / Gallery1988)