Haunting New Illustrations for Classic Horror and Ghost Stories

A selection of chilling imagery from 'The Folio Book of Horror Stories' and 'The Folio Book of Ghost Stories.'

‘Tis the season for a good spooky story, and unsurprisingly, Folio Society has got you covered. The publishers of handsome, newly illustrated literary classics (and friends of Flavorwire) have just released The Folio Book of Horror Stories. Edited and introduced by British horror writer Ramsey Campbell, it features stories by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson, Thomas Ligotti, and Stephen King, all supplemented by new illustrations from Corey Brickley.

It makes an excellent companion to their earlier Folio Book of Ghost Stories, featuring an introduction by Kathryn Hughes, illustrations by David McConochie, and stories by Charles Dickens, Ambrose Bierce, Vladimir Nabokov, A. S. Byatt, Arthur Conan Doyle, and many more. Both volumes are available on Folio Society’s site, but we were lucky enough to get a taste of their terrifying illustrations, which we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do.

(Corey Brickley for ‘The Folio Book of Horror Stories’)


From Arthur Machen’s ‘The White People’:
“The lady would lie down under the trees . . . and from every part of the wood great serpents would come . . . And they all came to her, and twisted round her, round her body, and her arms, and her neck, till she was covered with writhing serpents.”