Astonishing Images of Street Art from Around the World

Athens-based artist "WD" sees streetscapes as canvases.

He’s only known as “WD,” which stands for “Wild Drawing,” and the moniker is apt; WD has been creating memorable and eye-catching street art around the world since 2000, seeing opportunities and compositions in the corners, doorways, and blank walls of modern metropolises, and filling them. According to his website, the Indonesian artist currently lives and works in Athens, spending time in his studio (he has degrees in Fine Arts and Applied Arts), but mostly in the streets.

These are some of our favorite pieces of his street art; check out more at WD’s site, or by following him on Instagram and Facebook.

(“What if I fall? But imag­ine, what if you fly?” Athens, Greece, 2015 / Image courtesy of WD)