A Photographer and Model’s Stunning Photos of Forgotten European Spaces

James Kerwin and Jade Stacy Maria have visited 12 countries to take striking photographs in abandoned buildings.

If you’re a photographer, there’s certainly something to be said for dating a model – and vice versa. After all, not only can you work together and boost each other’s careers, but when you travel, you can also knock out a shoot. Such is the story of model Jade Stacy Maria and her significant other, photographer James Kerwin, who met in 2015 and have turned their globe-trotting adventures into a series of marvelous photographs (brought to our attention by Bored Panda) taken in abandoned buildings all across Europe. They’ve visited twelve countries for the project thus far, and were kind enough to let us share some highlights; you can check out more of James’ work on his website here or on Instagram here, and follow Jade on Instagram here.

(James Kerwin Photographic)