Evocative Paintings of Frames from Modern Movie Classics

In his series "Painting on Movies," Chow Chun Fai casts a fresh eye on moments from 'The Godfather,' 'A Better Tomorrow,' 'Leon,' and more.

Plenty of visual artists have taken their inspiration from the movies. Hong Kong-based painter Chow Chun Fai’s remarkable series “Painting on Movies,” showcased in his new solo show “CHOW CHUN FAI” at New York’s Eli Klein Gallery, takes a more direct approach: the artist replicates frames from iconic films from around the world, complete with subtitles at the bottom of the frame. The work serves as a pointed reminder that we often encounter art not in the pristine conditions in which it was intended, but in shabby, second-hand exhibitions, often in quiet, tucked-away spots far from what its makers imagined.

“You may have a personal relationship with the films already (and I hope you have),” he tells Flavorwire, “and I’m here to interrupt that relationship.”

“CHOW CHUN FAI” is on display through Saturday at the Klein gallery, but if you can’t make it, no worries; we have a selection of these terrific works to share.

(Chow Chun Fai)