Extraordinary Images of Everyday Life in Japan

In Shin Noguchi's series “Something Here,” the photographer attempts to capture people who are "living life desperately."

“People are living life desperately,” writes photographer Shin Noguchi, who first came to our attention via Bored Panda. “Sometimes lonely, sometimes helping each other, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing. I capture people going about daily life because there are moments that they themselves do not realize are more beautiful and full of human touch than the carefully choreographed movies of Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Federico Fellini, or Shakespeare’s plays.”

In Noguchi’s series “Something Here,” he captures “extraordinary moments” from everyday life, captured in his home country of Japan from 2010 to 2016. “I’m here, just here,” he writes. “You’re here, just here. There is something here, something beautiful something special. It may last but a moment, but we are always connected to each other. I want you to feel that, when you see my work. You are not alone. There is always someone in the world keeping an eye on your struggle.”

These are some of our favorite shots from the ‘Something Here” series; you can see more on Noguchi’s website, and follow him on Instagram.

(Nishishimbashi, Tokyo, Aug 2010 | Shin Noguchi)