Gorgeous Photographs Explore the Fluidity of Identity

South African photographer Keren Stanley's images wrestle with "being mixed-race or white or being society’s idea of the masculine."

“Identity has always been a question mark for me,” writes photographer Keren Stanley. “I didn’t identify with being mixed-race or white or being society’s idea of the masculine. Conceptual photography provided me with a safe space to explore my stories around identity. I could create separate worlds, without judgment, in which to depict these stories. A visual aid to make sense of my internal universe.

“I gravitated to only using female models to convey concepts. I found that I was able to live vicariously through my subjects. Through them I could explore and bring to the surface unexpressed parts of my identity — the feminine aspects.” The result is work that’s both aesthetically thrilling and subtextually thoughtful, working through questions and concerns while crafting compositions of beauty and grace.

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(Ker Stanley)