Stunning Photographs of the Scandinavian Winter

Kelley Hudson uses long exposures the capture the darkness and density of winter in Copenhagen.

Photographer and San Diego native Kelley Hudson faced a tough choice not long ago. Her husband was accepted into a prestigious Masters program at the Danish Academy of Music, and she found herself deciding to sell her photography studio, uproot her family (including her young daughter), and move to Copenhagen. “I didn’t take a single moment to look back,” she writes on her website. “My husband is knee-deep in his Master’s program, my daughter is knee-deep in muddy puddles and I’m still making art… Only now I make art for Denmark.”

As is often the case, her outsider’s eye has proven an advantage in this foreign land — she sees things that those who’ve lived there longer might take for granted. And from that eye comes this series of remarkable long-exposure images, taken during the long, dark winter of Copenhagen. These are some of our favorites; to see more of her work, follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

(Kelley Hudson)