Stunning Images Recreate Old-School Infrared Photography

Photographer Yann Phillippe's IRChrome filter brings back a striking but long-defunct film stock.

One of the unexpected pleasures of unimaginable advances in digital technology is how it’s allowed us to recreate the pleasures of… analog technology. And for today’s example, we turn to photographer and innovator Yann Phillippe, who found himself longing to shoot some photos on “Aerochrome III”, Kodak’s infrared-sensitive, “false-color” reversal film, initially designed for military or cartography purposes, that created striking photographs with unusual color temperatures. Trouble was, Kodak stopped manufacturing the film years ago, and while we’ve seen a swing back to the real stuff, speciality items like this haven’t yet made a comeback.

So Phillippe went to work, developing an IR Chrome infrared filter that would allow him to take old-school IR photos with his digital camera. These are just some of the awe-inspiring results; check out more on his website or on Instagram, and if you’re a photographer yourself, you can buy the filter here.

(Yann Phillippe)