Intoxicating Photos of Remarkable Women and Their Tattoos

Photographer Reka Nyari's "Ink Stories" features four women whose body art tells their stories.

Body art is, when you get down to it, a form of storytelling — each piece of ink contributes to a narrative that can encompass a single tattoo, or an entire body. Photographer Reka Nyari explores and subverts traditional ideas of beauty and gender, recontextualizing the aesthetics of sexuality through a female gaze; her new exhibition “Ink Stories” continues that work via a series of sometimes pointed, sometimes erotic, and always fascinating images of tattooed women and the stories they tell with their bodies.

“Ink Stories” opens Thursday at New York’s Fremin Gallery, but here’s a sneak peek of this enchanting show.

(My Blade, My Beloved
Valkyrie Ink
50” x 63”
Reka Nyari)