Classic Songs Reimagined as Vintage Pulp Book Covers

Todd Alcott creates covers for lurid book adaptations of songs by Prince, Bowie, Dylan, and more, and now all we want to do is read them.

You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes the book (or exploitation movie trailer, or hair metal album cover) comes out the winner – a good, lurid book cover sometimes makes promises the prose itself can’t keep. That’s why pulp covers are such a blast, and have become so beloved, clever artists have begun to replicate their aesthetic.

Take graphic artist and screenwriter Todd Alcott, who hit upon an ingenious idea: he begins with iconic rock songs and imagines what their pulp cover would look like, cleverly transposing lyrics and narratives, creating a fabulous mashup of pop culture faves. His Etsy shop offers up affordably priced prints of his work, which not only includes his rock/pulp fusions, but similarly music-inspired advertisements and promo art; we selected a few of our favorites.

(Todd Alcott)