Clever Photographs Imagine Tiny Worlds Around Everyday Objects

In his "Tiny Wastelands," photographer Péter Csákvári creates "funny, dark and sick dioramas from really-really close."

Most of us see an everyday item like a make-up case, an ash tray, or a broccoli floret, and see it for what it is, fulfilling the purpose for which it’s intended. Péter Csákvári looks at these items, and sees a whole world.

In his “Tiny Wastelands” project, the photographer has created “a tiny little world where miniatures meet with real size objects,” mixing these everyday objects with microscopic people at work and play to create “funny, dark and sick dioramas from really-really close,” per his Facebook page. You can see more of his work there, or on Instagram; we’ve selected a few of our favorites.

(Péter Csákvári)