Striking “Selfies” of Vintage Cameras

In his series "CameraSelfies," photographer J.F. Novotny turns selfie culture on its head.

There’s a lot to focus on in your standard mirror selfie: an outfit, an expression, a cryptic smile, maybe more. But what about the camera? It’s rarely acknowledged; often, its as obscured as possible. But in J. F. Novotny’s ongoing photo series “CameraSelfies,” the camera is the focus – literally and figuratively.

These eye-catching images aren’t just camera porn, though. In each, Novotny ingeniously matches the camera with surrounding decor that matches its look, style, and era of origin. The results are a satisfying combination of photography and graphic design.

Novotny’s entire series is available on his website and on Instagram, but we picked out some of our favorites for you.

(J. F. Novotny)