Stunning Images Track Renowned Photographers’ ‘Obsessions’

Magnum Photos asked 80 artists and estates to select a single image that reflects their ongoing aesthetic and emotional concerns.

When you work long enough in any field, it seems, you’ll develop a specialty — the subject or project you’re always drawn to, and execute with particular passion. This is the critical theory at work in Obsessions, a new collection of images from the renowned photographers at Magnum.

To assemble this collection, according to the company, its photographers and their estates plunged into the archives, “to select a single image that reflects the issues, working practices and visual signatures which have obsessed the collective’s members throughout their careers.” The results are available for sale, signed and estate stamped, from their website. Here are a few highlights:

(Magnum Photos)

Christopher Anderson

Pia with balloon in Gràcia. Barcelona, Spain. 2016.

“I chose this image because I notice a couple of my obsessions in it. The first, most obviously, is my obsession with photographing my family. I’m told that the color red often appears in my photographs. Perhaps that qualifies as obsession. And, I really love The Red Balloon, by Albert Lamorisse … but I wouldn’t call it an obsession.”

© Christopher Anderson/Magnum Photos