Superheroes Save Your Books Via Imaginative Shelves

Artori Design's clever bookends and shelves feature caped crusaders taming your runaway collection.

We all love a creative bookshelf, right? After all, shelves shouldn’t just display the literary totems that we’ve carefully chosen to best present the ideal version of ourselves to guests, friends, and first dates; the shelves themselves should also send a message, and if it’s one of “Hey, I’m fun, let’s hang out,” all the better.

If you’re of a like mind, you might enjoy these clever bookshelves and bookends we stumbled across on My Modern Met: a series of superhero silhouettes, designed to remind us (though not too explicitly, licensing fees being what they are and all) of Superman and Wonder Woman, hoisting our volumes up and aside.

They come to us via the creative folks at Artori Design, a snazzy home design company out of Israel, and they’re all available on their website at a reasonable price. Check ‘em out:

(Artori Design)