Gorgeous Images of the Transylvania Countryside

Alex Robciuc's photographs craft a portrait of the region that's very different from Bram Stoker's.

When most of us think of Transylvania, we make one, immediate connection: Dracula. But as we’ve seen, there’s more to the Romanian region than the legendary vampire, and photographer Alex Robciuc decided to photograph the Transylvania that he sees, in both his viewfinder and his imagination.

“I chose to use some techniques of photography and post-processing to emphasize the feelings and moods I personally felt in these places,” he writes on Bored Panda. “In this series, I photographed fortified churches built by Transylvanian Saxons, mountain pastures, villages where transport is based on ox and cart, portraying the pastoral idyll of Transylvania.”

The resulting images are astonishing in their beauty – and comforting in their idyllic mood. We’re showcasing some of our favorites; to see more of Robciuc’s work, follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

(Alex Robciuc)