Haunting, Exquisite Photos of Venice at Night

Thibaud Poirier's elegant photos capture the still waters of the empty Italian city in the dark.

Photographer Thibaud Poirier spent his early years moving from place to place and country to country, and his fascination with the qualities unique to specific cultures has greatly influenced his work. “Growing up in these vastly different landscapes and cultures,” he writes on his website, “early on I developed a love and fascination for architecture and urban environments.  As a self-taught photographer, my focus is to capture the beauty and energy of these places as I see them. For this reason night photography holds a special place in my work.”

All of those interests collide in his gorgeous series “Sleeping Venice,” which showcases the Italian city’s buildings and connecting catacombs under the still of the moon. You can check out the entire series here (or on his must-follow Instagram), but we’ve picked out a few of our very favorites.

(Thibaud Poirier)