The Baby-Sitters Club: Where Are They Now?

With the announcement of a Baby-sitter’s Club prequel and revision of the first two volumes in the series due out in April, we couldn’t help but wonder: Where would our beloved teenage baby sitters be now? The answer: in their early 30s. Yep, it made us feel old, too. And so we decided to reconnect with our favorite Stoneybrook, CT residents, channeling our inner Ann M. Martin to come up with what we think are plausible current realities for the gang.

Kristy Thomas: High School Gym Teacher
Kristy was always such a tomboy and her talent for coaching the Krushers had to lead her somewhere sporty. We like to think that she’s evolved into a nicer version of Sue Sylvester — they’re both type-A know-it-alls. Also: she still really loves turtlenecks. And women.